(Might be limited to law enforcement only- check first)

Rocky Mountain Hostage Negotiation (Sept. 2-4)

TAC EAST- Washington, D.C. (Sept. 9-11)

California Association of Hostage Negotiators (Sept. 21-25)

South Carolina Negotiators Association (Oct. 7-9)

Michigan Association of Hostage Negotiators (Oct. 28-29)

Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators (Nov. 9-13)


PATC Hostage Negotiators Conference (Feb. 22-24)

Tac West (May 18-20)

(Open to everyone)

Association For Conflict Resolution Annual Conference (Oct. 8-11)

(For law enforcement only)
From the Police Agency Training Council (PATC)

Stay tuned as more events will be announced.  In the meantime, enjoy the archive of Cyberweek webinar below:

Presenters: Jeff Thompson with Lt. Mark Lowther
Law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiators are conflict resolution experts working in situations that are intense, emotionally charged and potentially volatile.  The negotiator needs to have the ability to use a variety of skills in order to establish communication with the person who initiated the incident.  The method of communication has increasingly become diverse and an emerging factor that increasingly must be accounted for is the role technology plays during the incident.  Technology, such as social media platforms including Facebook and twitter, as well as text messaging have all played a role in recent events. 

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