Sunday, February 23, 2014

Trust Building Tactics

Australians Losing $7 Million A Month To Internet Fraud
Australians transfer at least $7 million a month in to the accounts of fraudsters but police say many victims refuse to believe they've been the subject of a scam and so they're now teaming up with psychologists to develop more effective ways to stop the fraud. 
See how this type of crisis situation is created by a skill used by crisis and hostage negotiators...
I came across this interesting approach to combat Internet fraud.  The Queensland Police teamed up with Griffith University to design a script when engaging victims of these foreign investment scams.  
Research shows that most people refuse to believe they are being scammed and based on this data, a specific script was designed for police detectives to use when speaking to victims. 
I have yet to see the script but I would imagine it must employ at least some of the psychology tactics used by the scammers- building trust and rapport through active listening skills.  
Of course these are the same exact skills crisis hostage negotiators must be able to employ in order to be effective.

Below is a link to the short video clip.  It's very interesting and I encourage everyone to have a look… and share your thoughts!