Friday, February 2, 2018

How Feeling Bad Changes the Brain turns out that our emotional state has an effect on how much empathy we feel. Our emotions literally change the way our brain responds to others, even when they are in pain. In particular, it is when we feel bad that it can have a consequence on our social world.

...In fact, our emotions are so powerful that when we are in a positive mood, it can dampen how much pain we feel when injured. It provides us with an analgesic-like effect. When it comes to negative emotions, the opposite occurs: our feeling towards that pain is exaggerated.

Wondering how this applies to crisis and hostage negotiation? Hopefully not. Also, thinking this article is about the subjects we deal with- wrong. This explains how our emotions can impact how we approach things. Read more on the concept of 'control' [HERE]. 

...Worse, a recent study, published in December 2017, has shown that when we feel bad it affects our in-built capacity to respond to others in pain. It literally dampens our empathy.

Read more from the BBC [HERE].