Sunday, February 8, 2015

Police Lacked Tactical Van During Sydney Siege

A basic premise to a law enforcement crisis hostage negotiator being effective is reducing distractions.  This is not just with respect to the direct communication between the negotiator and hostage taker but it also involves, and what can come across as common sense, distractions that can interrupt the negotiator.

Although it can be perceived as common sense to have a NOC (Negotiation Operations Center) that is free of outside distractions, in reality that is not always the case due to a variety of reasons.  This includes funding and sometimes planning. 

Have a look at the headline and snippet below to read how the lack of a mobile NOC played a role in the recent incident in Sydney.  Also read more about how the environment is an important nonverbal communication element to crisis negotiations [here]. 

NSW Labor promises counter-terrorism funding after it emerges police lacked tactical van during Martin Place siege

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