Friday, April 3, 2020

Real Resilience When We Need It Most

Watch the short video above

Regardless of who you are and what your path is, we are in tough times to say the least. We have to make sure we are looking after ourselves. It doesn’t have to be complicated and we don’t have to attempt to try and stick with unrealistic, positive mental health practices and resilience techniques.

I created the warr;or21 program to share a practical and neuroscience-backed program in order to help people further develop their resiliency and enhance their mental health.

Everyone deserves this.

It was originally created for first responders but now participants include people from all professions and students from across the world. This article is adapted from that program and for everyone to think about their mental health and importantly try the exercise at the end.

To start, let this sink in: Before you can take care of others, you must start with yourself. That’s not foolish, it’s smart.

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