Friday, November 15, 2013

Cops use Facebook to talk man out of suicide

Cops use Facebook to talk man out of suicide
Photo: Getty (left) PAPD (right) PAPD Sgt. Nadine Rhem and Lt. Thomas Michaels (pictured at right), used Facebook to reach a troubled teen who was considering ending it all by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

A suicidal teen got his timeline extended when Port Authority cops used Facebook to keep him from leaping off the George Washington Bridge.

“I’m thinking about jumping,” the 18-year-old New Jersey youth wrote on his Facebook page, along with a picture of the Hudson River span.
A friend who spotted the alarming post called cops in Paterson, NJ, who in turn alerted the Port Authority Police Department about 1 p.m. Tuesday, according to the PAPD.
After checking the would-be jumper’s Facebook page and downloading his picture, Port Authority cops scoured the bridge and tried to find him by pinging his cellphone.
But when they came up empty, Lt. Thomas Michaels reached out via the social network.
Although the young man initially ignored Michaels’ Facebook message urging him to call, his friends — along with PAPD Sgt. Nadine Rehm and Officer Laverne Watson — sent other messages urging him to reconsider.
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