Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training Day: Law enforcement officials work on hostage techniques

Negotiators Training Seminar"The key to negotiating is building a connection with a person."
Read about how the North Carolina Negotiator Network, a group of law enforcement officers from different agencies who provide education and interaction between crisis negotiators throughout the state came together recently for a training.
One thing I realized while reading this article is the importance of training.  However, when you look a bit deeper, there is more to training than just showing up.  Two people could show up to the same training yet one can just go through the motions while the other is fully engaged, discerning the information being shared noting skills that work and do not work, while all the time reflecting on how to apply it to his or her negotiation style.

Think about, after the same training, both people will get a certificate yet are they equally qualified or both experts?
If you are interested in reading more on the difference between experience and expertise, have a look at this article I wrote [HERE]. 

Now to the article:

NEWTON — Call it Training Day.
Kelly Eckard picked up the phone. Police negotiators were on the other end.

“This is Kelly,” he said. “Who’s this?” Eckard was an ex-cop fired for drinking on the job. He had just shot his friend in the leg and was holed up with a .40- caliber handgun.
Six other people sat in the room as Eckard, from the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, played a role for Fri day’s negotiation training. Several police departments from around the county gathered at Fred T. Foard High School to practice negotiating in differ ent situations.
...The network presented officers six scenarios throughout the day. Each incident was different, and each inci dent was unscripted.
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