Monday, April 21, 2014

Crisis Negotiation Month: Week 4

The month of April is "Crisis Negotiation Month" at  It is a collaboration between the ACR Crisis Negotiation Section and and it will bring you articles, tips, info graphics, and a webinar throughout the month.
Enjoy below the fourth week's articles below

5 Tips on Measuring Negotiation Progress
From Crisis / Hostage Negotiation
Progress is not always easy to measure during a negotiation, mediation, or an attempted collaboration.  Sure, it is easy to measure lack of progress as it is laden with clear negative emotions and also the lack of a resolution or jointly decided upon conclusion but positive progress is not as easily defined
1. Shift From Violent, Threatening Language to Nonthreatening Language.
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Crisis (Hostage Negotiation): Current Strategies in High-Risk Conflict Resolution
Have a look at this PDF that provides a detailed overview of strategies used in law enforcement crisis and hostage negotiation situations. Vecchi, Van Hasselt, and Romano in this 19 page paper go in detail describing the various crisis stages as well as the Behavioral Change Stairway Model (BSCM).  
Download the PDF [HERE]. 

Negotiation Lessons Learned By An FBI Agent
Retired FBI Chief Negotiator Frederick Lanceley shares some important lessons he has learned while also showing how these learnable moments apply to other types of negotiations such as being a salesperson.
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