Monday, May 23, 2016

HNT Skills: What is Grit?

There are plenty of articles written about the skills of effective crisis hostage negotiators. I should know I have written a bunch myself!

We have read plenty of times the importance of active listening, being calm, verbal/non-verbal communication, slowing things down, and building rapport but what is it that keeps us sharp and competent to continually assist people in the midst of a crisis?

Is it "GRIT"?

Angela Duckworth tells a compelling story why it very well might be grit and how it is what keeps us going forward.

Why Grit?

Her research has shown that long-term success relies more on more on persistence than smarts. Yes, grit - perseverance and passion for what you do - is the key.

How do we cultivate grit?

Eric Barker, who covered the NYPD HNT training [HERE], reviews Angela's research and her book [HERE]. Briefly, it involves:
  • Pursue what interests you
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Find purpose
  • Have hope
  • Join a gritty group
Again, read more about how Eric describes grit [HERE].

Finally, watch Angela Duckworth's TED talk on Grit below: