Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Good Negotiator Isn't A Good Talker, But a Good Listener

"A good negotiator isn't a good talker, but a good listener."
Lubas spoke during a walkthrough at the "Best of the Best" crisis negotiation training at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater Friday morning, where officers from around the state underwent training in how to deal with specific types of crisis negotiation.

"Negotiators respond to crisis events ranging from suicidal individuals, barricaded events, hostage situations, or other emotionally charged events where the specialized negotiator skill set can be used to try to safely resolve the incident," Lubas said.
Several ex-FBI agents oversaw the training for the officers, and practiced handling phone calls from suicidal individuals, domestic violence cases, hostage situations, and a veteran suffering post-traumatic stress who took a hostage.
Lubas said officers in the training were not necessarily learning how to solve each individual's problem, but how to find a resolution that was safe for each person involved.

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