Monday, October 7, 2013

The FBI Hostage Negotiator’s Persuasion Tips

Inside a white clapboard house are two innocent human beings and a desperate man with means, motive, and opportunity to make it all end poorly.
This is what you see on your laptop screen.
What do you do?
Hostage Negotiation and Persuasive Design
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How do you get all three people out of that house in one piece?
Before you say “that’s not my job,” guess again.

You Are an FBI Hostage Negotiator.

Whether you’re a CEO, a marketer, or a mom, you live in a scaled down version of the hostage negotiator’s world. How so?  Another party wants something, you want something, but on the surface your wants seem to be in direct conflict.
You’re about to learn how to bring those conflicting desires to a happy ending. 
Whether you’re trying to close a deal, design a perfect loyalty program, or get your kids to pick up their clothes, you face the same challenges that face the men and women who talk psychopaths out of committing mayhem.
Luckily, one of those negotiators, Chris Voss, revealed the tricks of his trade to Eric Barker.  And those tricks can make your life a lot easier.
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