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April 2016 Newsletter

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Adam Dolnik

When should we negotiate with terrorists?

Q Magazine spoke with Australian Adam Dolnikexpert in negotiation techniques, about the prisoner's dilemma and the "red line" that governments are willing to overcome when initializing the dialogue with terrorist groups. 

How can a democratic government talk to terrorists without jeopardizing the integrity of its political system?
It is always politically difficult for governments to talk to terrorists, mainly because of the widespread misconception that talking to them is the same thing as „giving in” or rewarding extortionate behavior. However, all governments should communicate with anyone who can help them get the hostage back home. This is not the same thing as capitulating, and negotiations by themselves do not imply substantive concessions to the terrorists’ demands. We should hence always negotiate with terrorists.
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A man who remained near the top of an 80-foot tall sequoia tree in downtown Seattle on Wednesday, and has refused hours and hours of police coaxing to come down, has become an Internet curiosity.
Seattle police said when authorities arrived at the base of the lofty conifer next to Macy's department store, the man refused to speak with them and threw an apple at medics.

"Issue appears to be between the man and the tree," Seattle police tweeted.

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Supporting hostages and their families, both during and after a kidnap.

Make sure to check this out all and help spread the news of this new important organization:


( We are pleased to announce the launch of Hostage US, the first support and resource centre for American hostages and their families. Hostage UK is a co-founding partner along with the James W Foley Legacy Foundation. Hostage US also receives funding from the Ford Foundation. 

Hostage US is an independent non-profit organization that supports hostages and their families both during and after a kidnapping. Hostage US provides personal support and a range of professional services that are completely free of charge, confidential, and independent of any outside interest. [About Hostage US].

Red more and view the video [HERE]. 


EgyptAir hijack: Man held after using fake suicide belt

For those interested, I have put together a case study of the Egypt Air hijacking incident. It is based on public reports made by government officials, media accounts, and comments made by hostages. 

Anyone interested in it being presented to their crisis negotiation team, at a workshop/conference/seminar, or webinar, email me. See below for my email address.

Read more on the incident [HERE]. 

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