Monday, April 18, 2016

Hostage US Launched

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Hostage US, the first support and resource centre for American hostages and their families. Hostage UK is a co-founding partner along with the James W Foley Legacy Foundation. Hostage US also receives funding from the Ford Foundation. 
Watch the Hostage US video below to learn more and visit the Hostage US website.
 Hostage UK has been supporting American hostages and their families for a number of years – but unfortunately from a distance. We knew there was a need for a similar support service in the US to the one we have been able to deliver successfully in the UK and further afield for over a decade.
Like Hostage UK, Hostage US provides families with a range of support, including a dedicated team member to walk alongside them every step of the way and access to a range of professional support services, such as legal, financial management, health and counseling. 
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For families going through the horror of a kidnap, Hostage UK provides pastoral care and practical support. Because we are independent, families can be confident that we are there for them without any competing interests. We provide impartial yet knowledgeable information and through our network we can help families to solve the problems they will face along the way. We often work with families who have nowhere else to turn.
Hostage UK also provides education and training for organisations to help them to improve the support they can provide to families, colleagues and returning hostages. We do this through seminars, in-house training sessions, providing expert speakers for events and scenario sessions. We want to use our experience to help organisations provide the level of care, support and assistance that we do.
Hostage UK advocates publicly and privately for the needs of hostages and their families, improving the care and support offered by the government, police, statutory agencies, employers, the health service and a range of other organisations. Hostage UK rarely speaks in the media, apart from to advocate for hostage and family support.
Hostage UK does not engage in operational response to kidnaps. We cannot bring the hostage home, but we can help to make a very stressful experience just a little bit more bearable.
If you are the family member of a hostage or a former hostage and need our support, call our 24/7 local rate helpline on 0845 608 1360 or email us.