Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Negotiating with the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda

The first condition to negotiate with any party is to accept them. Is the Islamic State ready to acknowledge Western governments especially America? 

The Islamic State explicitly calls outsiders as apostate and infidels in its publications. It is the enemy of homosexuals and the Jews, and enslaves non-Muslim women. This group doesn’t approve of the United Nations or any other international organization, and wants to establish a universal Islamic government. Will the credibility of Western countries and the United States regarding human rights be questioned should they negotiate with Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and other Islamist internationalist groups?

...Negotiating with any group does not lead to being influenced by that group’s ideology. However, it gives credibility to that group. Why negotiate with Al-Qaeda and ISIS, given the fact that they have killed innocent civilians and enslaved countless women and girls?

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